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This book is in continuation of our previous book ‘The Rise of Home Schooling’. In that book, we discussed that root cause of No Creativity among youngsters is current Education System. Let the child follow his dreams and that was the concept of Homeschooling.

In this Book, we will discuss homeschooling in detail.

India and the whole world are struggling against this pandemic disease Corona. With social distancing norms incorporated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the initial measures taken by governments across the world was the temporary closure of schools.

With people being homebound during this lockdown, many of us have now realised how we have hardly ever focused on honing our life skills. As everything from crisis schooling to life skill enhancement might seem extremely new for those who are used to the traditional methods of education, this is not new for homeschooling parents and children.

The schools have started giving classes on Zoom. If your kid is in 1st Grade, 35 min online class every day. Will it be enough for a child? Are they taking this step for shaping your child’s future? No, they have started this foul play of online teaching because they want to shred monthly tuition fee from their parents.


“After my first Book.’The Rise of Home Schooling’, it was very evident that current education system should be changed. And then its 2nd part was also certain. Here, We have tried to capture maximum problems faced by homeschoolers and tried to find out the solution for those”.



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Book Reviews

  • ” Great book, good quality, I think it is certainly a must! packed with ideas and encouragement if you are thinking or starting Homeschool with little children.” 

    Anirudh Seth
  • ” Yet another useful resource for a beginning homeschooler. Full of sound advice and encouragement.I like the way Sumit has focussed on the age group (3-8 year olds) and others. “

    Paridhi Chopra
  • ” We plan to homeschool, but deciding on the appropriate program. This book answered a lot of questions & for our kids learning style, and personality type. How we learn is the easiest.

    J Jose
  • “A postive vibe for so many parents who want to home educate. This is deservedly becoming a classic text. Story progresses but focus doesn’t change, always there on homschooling”.

    Sonakshi Sonkar

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